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American Idol is for old people. I don’t know why. It just seems to be an old people show now, like NCIS or anything with Kathy Bates (excluding The Office). I just don’t care about it. The judges don’t interest me. The contestants don’t interest me. It’s just super lame. Maybe if the contestants had to battle each other Roman centurion-style whilst singing I’d watch. Until then though, not interested.

More Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day

The God of F—king You Up

Let me start by saying that Thor isn’t as good as Iron Man, but it’s much better than The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2. It fully succeeds in setting up the Marvel Thor mythology for the future of the the Marvel cinematic universe. It stands as an excellent lead in for The Avengers and Captain America while at the same time standing on it’s own and leaving the door open for sequels.

Thor’s history is probably one of Marvel’s most extensive. Thor is Marvel’s Superman. He was born Thor. He’s always been Thor. The difference is that Superman grew up as Cark Kent with humans. He doesn’t have the added necessity of comparing his birth-planet with his residential-planet. Thor’s Asgardian history is so important to how he interacts with humans. He’s a pompous ass on Asgard. He’s loyal and honourable, but his ego is as big as his courage… endless. Thor’s banishment to Earth is crucial for his involvement with the Avengers. Without it, he’d have no reason to join the team, let alone a reason to give a shit about humanity. And that was Odin’s purpose all along in banishing Thor, to teach him humility and that leadership means sacrifice and servitude. The film does an excellent job of showing us this. Thor’s constant struggle against himself and his battle to be a worthy leader.

The acting is amazing. Especially Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki. It’s nearly flawless. The way he emulates Loki’s conniving deception and his desire to feel equal to Thor is stunning. You forget the actor and you just see the character. A truly brilliant performance.

The non-earth visuals are literally breathtaking. The battle scenes are just brutal. The score is equally thunderous, and absolutely beautiful. The direction by Kenneth Branagh is clearly generously commanding.

The movie is simply… epic.

Stars Wars Day

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I haven’t been on Tumblr in quite a while. I will do my best to rectify this.

My top 10 blah blah blah..

Let’s be honest, you don’t care about my top anything list. But I wanna share ‘em and I haven’t posted on Tumblr in forever so YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY **** WORD I HAVE TO SAY! (“Wedding Singer” reference)

My top 10 fav films of 2010

  1. Devil
  2. Due Date
  3. Hot Tub Time Machine
  4. The A-Team
  5. Kick Ass
  6. Toy Story 3
  7. Iron Man 2
  8. Black Swan
  9. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
  10. Inception

My Top 10 fav albums of 2010

  1. Lil Wayne- “I Am Not A Human Being”
  2. Whitechapel- “A New Era of Corruption”
  3. MyChildren Mybride- “Lost Boy”
  4. A Plea For Purging- “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell”
  5. 3OH!3- “Streets of Gold”
  6. Sleigh Bells- “Treats”
  7. Lady Gaga- “The Fame Monster”
  8. Bruno Mars- “Doo-Wops & Hooligans”
  9. Kanye West- “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”
  10. Mumford & Sons- “Sigh No More”

That’s it.

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America is courage. America is perseverance. America… is bum fights.

American politics is depressing and hopeless. During election years, you can’t turn on your TV or radio without seeing and/or hearing “smear campaign” commercials. This guy’s accusing that guy of drunkenly firing a gun in a daycare center, and that guy’s accusing this guy of huffing paint thinner and exposing himself at a petting zoo. It’s not even about politics anymore. It’s high school drama and immature mudslinging. I don’t understand how anyone can logically defend politics like this. Then again, maybe I’m being naive in assuming that there’s a better kind of politicking. Perhaps, this really is all that it is. Which finally brings me to my point… Why do we have this defiant “No Vote, No Say” attitude?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand what it means. If someone doesn’t vote you don’t want them to complain about the decisions that get made. There are a couple of weak-spots in your soapbox however… First, if someone who didn’t vote took your side in a political argument or discussion you wouldn’t be like “You can’t talk. You didn’t vote. I’ll handle this on my own. Hurumph.” You’d let ‘em help argue your side. We all need that political camaraderie, and we’ll take it however we can get it. The second burnt fry in the happy meal of your opinion is that telling someone they can’t complain if they didn’t vote isn’t freedom. The great thing about America is that we have that right, that freedom. How about those if you who simply go into a voting booth and vote straight Democrat or straight Republican without being informed of the candidates? Why does simply choosing a side make you better? Frankly, those people are idiots. They’re making uninformed choices that have the potential to backfire. Picking a side doesn’t make you smarter, it gives you less of a reason to think for yourself.

Now that I’ve shared my personal opinion, let me express my true feelings… Everyone should look for a reason to vote. Everyone should explore the options and make a wise decision about how or if they should vote. If you take the time to do your research and you come up with no options that correlate with your opinions, then I hate that for you and I’ll respect whatever decision you make. Remember that thing I said about America being great because of freedoms and rights? That applies here more than anywhere. America is great because you can vote. You have the right to choose leaders that represent your desires for the country’s development.

The right to vote is not something that should be taken lightly, but here in America we have the right to be careless with it. And as unfortunate as it is that some of us will do that, we’re incredibly fortunate to have the freedom to make that decision for ourselves.